A Home Insurance Policy

A Home Insurance Policy

Business Insurance Covers Many Overlooked Losses

by Isabella Brooks

Business insurance is a must-have for any business for many reasons that you may have overlooked. Sure, this type of coverage provides protection for perils like fire and flood damage, but there are plenty of overlooked scenarios in which business insurance is critical. Learn about some of the overlooked coverages you can rely on. 

Business Signage

Business signage plays a vital role, in that it helps customers locate your business. When a company does not have signage, it is very easy to lose business, resulting in a loss of income. Whether it is inclement weather, vandalism, or another scenario that damages the signage, it can be costly to replace a sign. Business insurance provides coverage for your property both on the interior and exterior, so you can rely on coverage to have your signage replaced as quickly as possible. 

Tenant Relocation

Suppose you operate a business in which you rent out spaces to other people. In that case, it is important to remember that you could be liable in the event an issue arises that prevents these tenants from utilizing the spaces they pay for. Business insurance can help with this matter by offering relocation coverage. In the event the tenants can no longer work in the space, this coverage will help cover the cost of their move. This protection keeps money from coming out of your own pocket.

Operation Interruption

Business insurance will also help cover some of the losses your business incurs during a forced shutdown. Take a restaurant that must shut down for two weeks due to fire damage, for instance. Coverage will help cover expenses like employee wages, product loss, and other costs during the shutdown duration. How long this coverage extends, and the shutdown expenses included can vary, so you want to examine your policy for the most accurate information. 

Cyber Liability

Another protection extended is cyber liability. Hackers and other criminals target businesses' online systems to gain access to employee and customer information to steal their identities and gain other personal information. In the event an employee or customer suffers a loss due to a data breach, your company could be found liable. Cyber liability can help cover the costs of these losses so that your company does not have to suffer financially. 

If you have questions about some of the different protections business insurance provides, be sure to speak with an insurance professional. 


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A Home Insurance Policy

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