A Home Insurance Policy

A Home Insurance Policy

5 Ways To Save On Car Insurance

by Isabella Brooks

As you start shopping around for auto insurance, you'll want to find an insurance company that can offer you a great policy at a great price. You'll soon discover that you can receive discounts for various reasons to help bring the cost of insurance down. Here are some ways that you can save on your car insurance.

Multi-Line Discount

Do you currently have another insurance policy through another provider, such as renters insurance, home insurance, or car insurance on another vehicle? You could save money by simply combining all these policies with the same provider. If you were planning on getting a new insurance policy, such as life insurance, then that can qualify as well for a multi-line discount.

Car Alarm Discount

Having some sort of car alarm on your vehicle will help make it more secure, which will bring down your premiums as a result. While most cars have a car alarm built in, you may receive a bigger discount for having the ability to track the car's GPS coordinates if it were stolen. The more steps you take to deter theft, the bigger discount you will receive.

Parking Garage Discount

Your car will remain parked most of the time, which is why the location of the parked car can play into your premiums. Having a garage at home will help reduce your premiums, because it is less likely that the weather will cause damage to your car. For example, a storm won't cause a tree branch to come crashing down on your vehicle. The same is true for where you park your car at work. If you used a covered parking garage, it will be less likely that you'll have damage caused to the car during the day.

Auto Payment and Eco Billing Discount

Sometimes you can save money based on how you pay your bill. Ask if there are any savings associated with setting up automatic billing and switching to paperless billing. It may save a couple bucks, but it will add up over time.

Safe Driving Discount

Insurance providers may also offer discounts for being a safe driver. This is done by putting a beacon in your car that tracks its movement, such as how fast you accelerate and how tight you turn. You can easily save a lot of money each year by demonstrating good driving habits.

Contact an insurance provider such as McHugh Insurance for more details about these specific discounts if they are available.


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